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The ArtGuitar® Digital Airbrush™ was developed by designer and technology entrepreneur Stephen Spurgeon. Using an exclusive, patented process, the ArtGuitar® has the beauty and uniqueness beyond hand painted or airbrushed instruments, If you are a music retailer, guitar builder or manufacturer now you can offer in store “one of a kind” custom personalized guitars. Every ArtGuitar® is a collectible modern masterpiece, the blending of one’s imagination and the state-of-the-art technology. Indeed now artists and musicians can create some of the most collectible and unique guitars in the world.

Musicians will appreciate that an Art Guitar® retains all the qualities of the original instrument. The custom painting process can be applied to virtually any make or model guitar. No more decals or stickers. The Art Guitar® Digital Airbrush™ image is directly painted on the guitar or other musical instrument. It is truly an original photographic quality painting on the guitar body, layered into the original finish and coating. It is as permanent as the paint on the guitar.